Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Why and when to eat to build muscle

The timing of eating a very important factor for both trying to gain more fitness or muscle strengthening inflate muscles, there are a lot of us fail in the application of systems of food.
 we have before the show proper methods of food defect process of physical activity and muscle strengthening, but this time will facilitate the subject and make it simpler. You have to deal with a meal before your appointment training at least two hours to 3 hours, and this avoids the problems that result from it, and after athletic activity should eat foods that are easy to digest such as Alkrbojedarat,Muscle  Building Diet  it is that stimulates the liver to output Algelokoza store it to restore activity to strengthen muscles . Fluids are very important in the process of sports training as we talked before, drank water before, during and after sports training makes the body a lot rebound and reduces the temperature increase of the process of sweating, and therefore easier to process the blood supply to the muscles thereby reducing muscle tension, you drink about 8 glasses at least daily.

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