Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Results eating drugs amplify muscle

To anyone who wants to inflate the muscles without any effort, using drugs traded in a lot of gyms, which is already grappling with many of the fans inflate the muscles but very quickly and without any effort,http://www.muscleseek.com/
these drugs actually connects you to what you want, but rob you so much. They are drugs used by the male hormone that turns part of it to the female estrogen, which increases muscle size without very great effort in less time. But it is his project and need a doctor's prescription for athletes even allowed. These compounds increase the size of the muscle,Diet Muscle Seek  but unfortunately it from a lot of complications and damage, including the poisoning of the liver and high blood pressure, increase cholesterol, impotence with infertility despite an increase in sexual desire. Breast growth in males, but it does not go away with surgery, atrophy of the testicles with higher doses. The use of growth hormone and cause used for a long time in some bone diseases, which appear on the bones of the fingers of the hands and feet and jaw; the result is, heaviness in the jaw and increase the size of the fingers which is called Alokromajala disease. "

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