Thursday, 20 March 2014

Exercises to strengthen the muscles without weights

As by the deployment of some exercises that cannot be seen by non-visitors to our site ... We talked before about the types of exercises that we can strengthen the muscles but without the use of utilities and also without the use of weights .
which means this is the weight of the body only, and that was known since the exercises. A training horizontal bar that you can play without being restricted to a certain number, then this training is useful most of the muscles of the upper body. Best Muscle Exercise This is training the horizontal bar, but also to change the direction of a fist to remain within this time In the belly of a train pulling the same position as the horizontal bar bend the knees and on the middle and then change the training for the two sides to strengthen the abdominal muscles. A training which is beneficial for the abdominal muscles, arms, chest trying to climb up on the wooden bar and pushing the body up Important note: * Try to repeat these exercises for at least two more than the number of iterations to take full advantage. * Try not to forget before and after workouts to make muscle

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