Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The basics of diet you need to muscle growth

Did you ask yourself one day why not grow your muscles or why grow very slowly? Did not happen and that one of your friends has not changed his body as it should though it practicing for more than a year and two years.
 There are many factors that affect the growth of the muscles of the body, the most important of all is the diet, and you should know, dear reader, that diet is an impact of more than 60% and the method of exercise affect only 20% ie you if rehearsed on an ongoing basis and in a manner 100% correct, Muscle Seek but your diet is You will not see a good body so wonderful that you want to do in front of the mirror, even if, even after 10 years. Some important notes: - To avoid excess body fat is recommended to take 6-7 small meals a day that contains every meal at the rate of 600 to 650 calories. - All meals should contain protein and carbohydrates with the exception of the last meal - Try to make sure most of the calories before and after the training directly (half an hour to an hour), with a focus on. Alkrbuhadiratt - Try to reduce the carbohydrates sooner hours of sleep the night. - A lot of water helps clean the kidneys and reduce the stress on the liver, as advised by drinking milk, which is the process of washing the kidneys.

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